Paint Stripper
Removing paint from different surfaces like metal, glass, wood etc is a difficult task. Sanding or scrapping the surface may lead to damage in the substrate. Now several products are available in the market to make this task easier. Paint stripper or paint remover is one such product which removes the paint and also cleans the underlying surface. The R&D group of Shri Meera Labs has developed WOPPER Depaint which is a solvent based paint stripper. It penetrate the layer of paint and breaks the bond between paint and the surface resulting in the removal. Why WOPPER DEPAINT? Solvent based powerful paint stripper.Does not contain alkali or acid will not damage glass, wood, metal and plaster.Lifts multiple layers.Clings well to vertical surfaces.Where to use WOPPER DEPAINT?It can be used to remove paints, acrylics, epoxies, enamels, lacquers, polyurethanes and coatings from wood, plaster, metal and glass. Caution Should not be used on vinyl, plastic and rubber.Flammable mate…

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